Our Mission Statement

We challenge the norms of media and make our brand an inseparable piece of people's lives, inspiring the world to look to our stories and characters for self-reflection, growth, and joy.

Our Story

Mob Entertainment, formerly EnchantedMob, Inc., is a globally recognized multimedia company founded by two brothers who were brought together through their mutual passion for the arts.
Mob Entertainment was originally founded in 2015 by current Chief Creative Officer Seth Belanger and current Chief Executive Officer Zach Belanger. Starting a YouTube channel called EnchantedMob in high school, Seth began building a fanbase and following through releasing 3D animated music videos with the guidance and advice of his older brother. Over the next several years, Seth would continue to create quality entertainment that would attract millions of people worldwide.
Throughout the remainder of Seth’s High School career, and Zach’s college career, Seth and Zach created a strategic multi-year plan to bring the company to the next level. As part of that strategic vision, the two leased an office and moved to St. Louis, Missouri in the summer of 2020.
A few months later, twin brothers Zachary and Micah Preciado, who originally created the Youtube channel ZAMination, joined the two brothers in St. Louis as lead creative directors for the company. Over the next year several pillars of the fandom animation community would move from across the country to join them, with a collective vision to help bring Seth and Zach’s vision of Mob Entertainment to what it is today.

Poppy Playtime

As part of the multi-year strategic plan, Zach and Seth knew that they wanted to develop a video game, and in 2021 that idea came to fruition with the conception of Poppy Playtime. The idea of a horror survival game inside of an abandoned toy factory was born, and Huggy Wuggy, the GrabPack, and Playtime Co. came to life.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze

Poppy Playtime was released to the public on Steam October 12, 2021. Chapter 1 was received with global acclaim, establishing the Poppy Playtime franchise and Huggy Wuggy as staples in the video game industry. The game became a hit in the YouTube and Twitch communities, being played by some of the top streamers in the world and inspiring plenty of fan art, lore theories, cosplay, and animated videos. Chapter 1 was released on IOS & Android platforms on March 11, 2022, shooting up the charts into the top ten games on the Apple app store.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2: Fly in a Web

Production on Chapter 2 began immediately after the release of Chapter 1. Three times the size and length of its predecessor, Chapter 2 was the company’s most ambitious project yet. Mommy Long Legs was introduced as the new villain in the Chapter 2 teaser trailer, which to date has amassed over 50 million views and peaked as the #1 trending video on YouTube worldwide.
Chapter 2 launched on Steam on May 5th, 2022 to immense excitement, with fans and streamers impressed by the improved animation and graphics, puzzles, and gameplay. Bunzo Bunny, PJ Pugapillar, and of course Mommy Long Legs all made their debuts as the newest Playtime Co. toys. Fly in a Web topped the charts as the #1 trending game worldwide on Twitch, and the #2 trending game on Steam in the world. Chapter 2 set a new standard for the exceptional animation quality and captivating gameplay that can be expected from future Mob Games projects. Chapter 2 was ported to IOS & Android a few months later on August 12, once again vaulting into the top ten games on the app store.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 3

Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 Deep Sleep was released with positive reviews and overwhelming community response on January 30, 2024. Chapter 3: Deep Sleep is the largest and scariest game experience of the series with new game levels, new locations like Playcare, a mysterious onsite orphanage, and characters, including the introduction of the ferocious main antagonist, CatNap.  The story picks up following the train crash experienced in Chapter 2. The new antagonist CatNap attempts to capture and kill the player.  Chapter 3 also introduces a new character, Ollie. The player works with Ollie to restore Playcare and the Gas Production Zone in order to bring an end to CatNap's reign of terror. However, there are new characters in Playcare who have been tasked by CatNap and The Protype to track down and capture the player.


Around this time, EnchantedMob officially rebranded to Mob Entertainment to usher in a new era for the business. Although our primary focus is to create animation and games, Mob Entertainment intends to continue to venture into new mediums that allow us to entertain and delight audiences around the globe.

Present Day

Today, Mob Entertainment is a thriving, creatively driven company that continues to relentlessly pursue producing the highest quality content possible while adapting to the rapidly changing entertainment industry, create an exciting workplace for the talented people behind it all, and above all create stories that entertain and inspire.




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