Read official updates for Poppy Playtime and Project: Playtime

Project: Playtime Phase 2 Incineration

Major Update
POSTED Wed, May 31

Major Additions

  • Added Destroy-a-Toy Map to the map rotation
  • Phase 2 ToyBox
    • 100 Brand New Items to Unlock
    • Increased diversity of items earned from the ToyBox with the inclusion of Sound Packs, Loading Screens, and Dances. Additionally, players will now be able to earn PlayCoins by completing select ToyBox levels.
  • Phase 2 Shop Cosmetics
    • Over 75 new items available for purchase in the store throughout Phase 2
    • Four New Item Bundles
  1. CRT Bundle
  2. Pirate Bundle
  3. Steampunk Bundle
  4. Reject Toy Bundle
  • Updated ToyBox Progression and XP Gain
    • ToyBox will now feature a scaling XP requirement to make leveling a more rewarding process for players
    • XP will now be awarded based on overall match performance
  • Added Daily Login XP Rewards
    • Log-in every day to increase your streak and earn more XP
  • Added Daily First Match XP Bonus
    • Earn a 250xp Bonus for your first match every day
  • Migrated all Tickets, Perks, and Sabotages to backend storage
    Dev Note: This was done to create a more reliable system for storing player information on different PCs. Every current player who updates to Phase 2 will receive an exclusive Gold Huggy Survivor skin to flaunt and 1350 tickets to jumpstart your Perk/Sabotage progress! (This offer lasts for 1 week after the launch of Phase 2.)
  • Added Collage Puzzle
  • Added Three New Perks
  • Pathfinder
    • Increases the speed of the marble that travels throughout the Maze Puzzle
  • Claw Collector
    • Decreases the speed of the claw in the Claw Puzzle
  • Puzzle Picasso
    • Allows you to fail the Collage Puzzle up to three times per level without triggering the Fail condition
  • Rebuilt Survivor Tutorial
    • This Tutorial will expand upon the original and include a new Arcade where players can practice the Puzzles
  • Expanded Pre-Game Lobby with a new Arcade and Movement Course
  • Adjusted UI in the following locations:
  • Main Menu
    Added a tracking system for Daily Rewards
    Moved some buttons to a standalone Options menu
  • Pre-Game Lobby
    Updated visuals
    More intuitive Monster Queue system
  • Customization Menu
    Added sections for Loading Screens and Soundpacks
  • Shop
    Overhaul of the general layout
  • Improved item previewing system
  • Model updates for new and previous character items
    • New model for Huggy and all skins that use the default model
    • New model for the default hand and all hands that use the default model
    • Updated player skin models for all the pride skins
    • Improved Mommy Long Legs materials
  • Animation updates
    • New Player idle animation
    • New Huggy idle animation
  • Revamped Monster Jumpscares
    • Each jumpscare now has unique animations for the monster POV, player POV, and third person POV
    • Jumpscares should be far more consistent and no longer feel dislocated
  • Added Penalty for Host Players who leave the game mid-match

Minor Additions

  • Added Streamer Mode to obscure player names
  • Added Selectable Loading Screens
  • Customizable Sound Packs
    • Chase Music
    • Lobby Music
    • Ambient Music
    • Survivor Sounds
    • Puzzle Sounds
  • Reworked the Train to be smoother and less erratic


  • Mommy Long Legs
    • Removed Mommy’s Web ability
    • Increased the duration of Mommy’s Spotter ability from 1.7 seconds to 3 seconds
    • Changed the default mapping for Mommy’s Grapple ability to Right Mouse Button
    • Increased the speed of Mommy’s Grapple by 80%
    • Added a Jump for Mommy mapped to the SPACEBAR
    • Dev Note: These changes are intended to standardize the kits for all Monsters. We are looking for potential ways to reimplement an improved version of Mommy’s Web ability in a future update.
  • Boxy Boo
    • Increase the charge time for Boxy’s Spring Jump ability from 1.5 seconds to 2.75 seconds

Perk Updates

  • Roly Poly
    • Now grants the player 2 Roll Charges, with higher tiers reducing the cool down of each roll charge
  • Shadow Walker
    • Now reduces the volume of player footstep sounds, with higher tiers making player footsteps more quiet
  • Punching Bag
    • Now grants the player a one hit shield from any source of damage, with higher tiers reducing the cool down of the shield
  • Genius
    • Now allows the player to make up to three mistakes when solving a Memory Puzzle code
  • Master Pianist
    • Now removes patterns from the beginning of the Piano Puzzle rather than from the end

Sabotages Updates

  • Sabotages will not begin their cool down until their active effects have ended
    • Boobytrap is the only expectation to this rule as it will begin to cool down after the first trapped pillar is triggered
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a number of collision issues on all maps
    • Fixed the Bug that allowed Mommy to carry Survivors while grappling
    • Fixed the bug that causes Puzzle Pillars to spawn Toy Parts that have already been deposited
    • Fixed the bug that disabled the Friends Only option after a Host Migration
    • Fixed various minor bugs and exploits